Andrew W.K. Live in Glasgow

Me going to a party? Never! Well that’s unless Andrew W.K. is conducting the party then I am definitely there. As we walked towards the venue we passed many groups of over-dressed people getting ready for their weekly party fix, one thing for sure is that their parties will have no chance of beating what we are going to experience tonight, cause Andrew W.K. is in town.

The gig started with the band entering the stage one by one playing the intro, closely followed by an already pumped up Andrew W.K. running onto the stage wearing his iconic white t-shirt and jeans. The band kicked off with 3 songs from the newest album “You’re Not Alone”, my favourite would be “music is worth living for” which is such a catchy anthem that gives you a wave of positive energy, a great start of the night indeed.

From the positive responses that we saw from the audience, its safe to say that people like the new material but its when the old classics like “i get wet” and “she is beautiful” got played then we saw the crowd going nuts. One thing was quite surprising was that there were so much crowd surfing going on, I really did not expect that at all, but then again I had no idea what I was expecting other than a promised epic time.The party went on smoothly with fast and slow ones and talks in between, the audience never lost interest for even a second. Andrew is not only a great party conductor he is also a great keyboard player, we really enjoyed his keyboard solos, I guess these piano lessons that he had as a kid as paid off after all.

Sadly all parties have to come to an end, but at least this one ended with the ever so popular “party hard” where we had an oddly massive count down all the way from 95! By the time we counted down to 0 we were sure ready to party hard!

The full band did a great job delivering an amazing party and we had so much fun.

As we leaving the venue we over heard a fan saying “that was amazing but now we have to go back to our shitty lives again”. That sums up the night quite accurately, but although it was only 90 minutes of fun that we had, I do feel like I have been recharged with some much needed positivity, it’s nice to be able to have that bit of time to forget about your problems and, well, like the man said just party hard so well done Andrew W.K. and the whole gang.

He might not be everybody’s cup of tea but there is no way you wont have a good time at an Andrew W.K. gig. That is a guarantee.