Five Finger Death Punch : And Justice For None

‘And Justice For None’ sees Five Finger Death Punch back from the brink. Ivan’s well publicised demons seem to be sleeping at the moment, the band are leaping into a new record contract after freeing themselves from their previous one and there’s a real fresh feeling about the band. The slate has just about been wiped clean and 5FDP can go back to concentrating on making heavy music.

A big band signing a to a new label can usually be split into two categories. Either they are on the decline and looking to flog their last efforts before they dissapear forever (or until the next anniversary show). Or, they are looking for a new chapter to start a fresh with renewed enthusiasm.

Thankfully, 5FDP are not washed up yet. Far from it in fact, they look set to be our next generation of arena fillers and festival headliners. We saw that in person last year on the mini tour of big sheds that the band excelled on…

So ‘And Justice For None’ is definitely the sound of a band who still have everything to offer and they are here to hit us with new energy and indeed… punch (sorry).

Nothing drastic has happened, this album is a typical 5FDP mix of thumping metal tracks and big rock ballads. This time around, it just seems a bit better than the last couple of efforts. Everything just seems to sit right on this one.

5FDP have their swagger back.

That’s the main headline here because if you’ve been waiting for a new ‘Death Punch album the you will have been expecting those big emotive ballads (try ‘I Refuse’ for size). You’ll also be wanting to hear Ivan ranting and raging on the blistering and foul mouthed opener ‘Fake’. You’ll also be wanting some huge arena filling chorus lines to get the masses bouncing, so there’s stuff like ‘Fire in the Hole’ to tick that box. You want some crunching riffs and some good old screaming solos too? Well, Jason and Zoltan haven’t let you down there either.

It’s all present and correct for you and just about as good as ever. Star of the show has to be ‘Sham Pain’. Ivan likes to get autobiographical now and then and he pulls off his own ‘Get in the Ring’ with this corker of a track. “Blabbermouth can fucking suck it…”

We need to be crueler, we want bands to bitch about us in songs.

We can’t bitch about Five Finger Death Punch though, they are just too good at the minute. We’ll have to lay into Bring Me To The Parkway Drive or someone like that!