BOA 2018 Preview : Spotlight on Limb

Limb are gearing up to release their third record. ‘Saboteurs of the Sun’ sees Limb evolving their sound to incorporate more layers than ever. Also, we’ll be seeing the boys at Bloodstock Festival this summer so it is set to be a busy year in camp Limb.

The band are festival favourites here at CackBlabbath so we will sure to be catching them at BOA and hopefully on their own tour.

We’ve dusted off the old CB Spotlight and we’re shining it at Limb today. Just in case you weren’t familiar with the newly “Less dirty sludge” crew, Sam takes us through the band’s vital statistics:


LIMB (Rob, Tom, Pat & Sam)

Home Town:


Year Started Out:


Current Lineup: 

Rob Hoey – Vocals
Pat Pask – Guitars
Sam Cooper – Bass, Synth
Tom Mowforth – Drums

Brief History: 

We released our demo on Witch Hunter Records back in 2012 — and even though it was recorded in a damp basement with two microphones, it got us picked up by New Heavy Sounds. We’re now releasing our third record, “Saboteurs of the Sun“.

This is the second we’ve recorded with Russ Russell and it’s our biggest departure yet: we’ve moved from dirty sludge in the early days to something with lots more layers and textures. “Less dirty sludge”, perhaps.

Career Highlight:

That’s a toughie: there are a few! Into The Void Festival, working with Russ Russell twice, and being signed to a cool label are all up there. It’s been a great run thus far! 

Future Plans:

We’re playing the Sophie Stage on the Saturday of this year’s Bloodstock Festival.

Ooh Bloodstock… Tell us more! How does it feel to be playing the UK’s No/.1 Heavy Music Festival?

We love Bloodstock and have always had the best time there. It’s a real community vibe that some of the “bigger” festivals lack. In a word: Thrilled.

What can we expect from your set?

First and foremost, we’ll be blasting tracks from “Saboteurs of the Sun”! But we’ll also throw in a few big-hitters from Terminal and our self-titled debut. We’ll be bringing energy, a massive, expansive sound, and riff after riff after riff. If that sounds good, head to the Sophie stage on Saturday. The best way to shake off Friday’s hangover!

Who will you be hoping to check out at Bloodstock?

Hundred Year Old Man have just been announced so we’re looking forward to seeing those guys — they’re also playing our album launch show in London on Saturday.

And Judas Priest, of course! Also At The Gates, who were in the studio with Russ just before us. (Hey ATG, great hot sauce! Thanks for leaving it behind!)

Describe your music in 1 word:


If you could convert someone to your music with one song, which would it be:

‘Survival Knife’ – a song from the new record, which has so much going on we think there’s something in there for everyone. We’ve made a video for it too, which will be released soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime, “Wych Elm” gives a good introduction to what we’re up to now.

Tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about you/your band:

We are a rag tag bunch thrown together by a love of noise, who embark upon many silly adventures too numerous to mention!

Who would be your ideal tour mates:

At the point it would be Killing Joke. Our record has already drawn some comparisons to them, and they have a unique place in music history so it’d be great to see what their crowd would make of us.

And what would be on the rider:

Guinness and Pale Ale Cocktails. And sequins.

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