Skálmöld, Omnium Gatherum and Stam1na Live at Audio, Glasgow

It was an ordinary Monday night in Glasgow, but luckily we are getting a visit from the great Arctic Circle Alliance (aka skálmöld + Omnium Gatherum) who have also brought stam1na to play. With all three bands playing their full sets a night full of quality music is certainly guaranteed and we cant wait.

Opening for the night is Finish band Stam1na who got the audience warmed up with their fast paced death/thrash vibe. Relentless, they played the whole set flat out, seldom pausing to let the audience draw breath. From the enthusiastic reaction they received it’s safe to say that the crowd thoroughly enjoyed themselves too. Even though I walked in with no knowledge of this band that didn’t matter as Stam1na are one of those bands that just click and enjoy instantly, what an awesome start to the night.

Next up is the mighty Omnium Gatherum, as “These Grey Heavens” played over the PA the band arrived onstage jumped right into “The Pit”. If you love melodic death metal like we do,you would definitely love these guys, they brought so much energy onto the stage and frontman Jukka is so engagings, it was such a blast.

The tiny venue started to get more crowded and sweaty as they played on, by the time we got to “Frontier” the place was as intense as we’ve ever seen it. Some fans took the opportunity to join the band on stage, and with Jukka’s help many fans did make it, sharing a special moment with OG, oh how jealous was I !

I was totally over the moon that Luoto was given a proper slot towards the end of their set instead of always being the intro song, it is a masterpiece of melodic heaven in my mind. With 20 years in this business, 7 albums in their pockets and how damn good these guys are, I really don’t understand why there aren’t more people aware of this band.

Maybe its for the best to keep it this way, so we can continue to enjoy them in intimate sweaty little venues like this.

Last but certainly not the least, after a speedy changeover its Skálmöld’s turn! This is the one most people are here for as the room fills up a bit more and people are very eager to get up close. They hit the stage with “Árás” and “Gleipnir” (do not ask me what they mean I have no clue) and the place erupted. It may be a small venue with a tiny stage but the sound these guys bring is as massive and beautiful as the Icelandic landscape. If you close your eyes you could almost see the beautiful scenery, its rather magical, or maybe I was just being high on music. Skalmold went on to play more songs from  across their 4 albums which made me wonder just how amazing it would be to see them playing with a full orchestra. Later on this year they will have some special shows with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, how I wish I could be there. The night ended on the classic Kvaðning leaving everyone on a very high note and with smiles on our faces.

All in all, three amazing bands with outstanding performances, it was certainly a highlight of a otherwise boring Monday.