Orange Goblin : The Wolf Bites Back

Another Orange Goblin album is about to drop and as per usual we are grinning like Cheshire cats in anticipation of ‘The Wolf Bites Back’. This band are currently riding a rich vein of form with ‘Eulogy…’ and ‘Back From The Abyss’ being heralded as the best albums the band have ever put out.

According to us, anyway…

‘The Wolf Bites Back’ starts up in pretty typical fashion really, as far as Orange Goblin opener go, ‘Sons of Salem’ is a classic sounding kickstart to proceedings. Bigs riffs and big chorus lines fire up instantly and we’re sure to hear this one live next week at Hellfest?

Move on to the title track and we start to get a little darker. Ben’s vocals get deeper and a little more sadistic for a gravelly slow burner. A thudding repetetive riff gives way to a burst of guitar solo from your man Joe, but on the whole ‘The Wolf Bites Back’ thuds away in a dark corner all by itself. Slightly more downbeat than the average Orange Goblin track.

If there was ever a band for bikers to embrace then Orange Goblin must be up there with the best of them. ‘Renegade’ covers the rock’n’roll outlaw angle in a tremendous gallop but the big one here is the sheer clout of ‘Suicide Division’. Straight to the point in a mish-mash of Motorhead meets Venom carnage, this is a full-throttle blast of a track. There’s something very Orange Goblin about it but also it’s a bit different to what we have been expecting. Either way it’s one of our favourite Orange Goblin tracks ever!

So far, so good! Orange Goblin have delivered a bounty of heavy metal that makes us bang our heads off. What a surprise!!

There are plenty of tracks from left-field, however. ‘The Stranger’ is almost totally spoken word and flows like an old sailors tale with a dreamy organ section wistful ending. ‘Swords of Fire’ sounds like a track title lifted from the Grand Magus archives. A puthering bass-heavy intro leads us slowly into a slow-burning stoner doom ride that sounds like it’s going to be an epic smokeathon. Three minutes in and that is all kicked to the kerb as the track explodes into a High On Fire-style mammoth.

However, the most ‘out there’ has to be the short but sweet ‘In Bocca Al Lupo’; or “Into The Mouth Of The Wolf” (courtesy of Google) which is an upbeat little instrumental piece that leads perfectly up to the aforementioned thunderous ‘Suicide Division’.

It’s a little darker in places with a little more experimentation here and there but ‘The Wolf Bites Back’ is pretty much exactly what we want from Orange Goblin. Good old storming heavy metal to spill your beer to!

See you at Hellfest!