BOA 2018 Preview : Spotlight on A Ritual Spirit

Bloodstock Festival is creeping upon us pretty fast. There is another corking line-up awaiting us at Catton Hall with the likes of Judas Priest and the mighty Gojira all set to loosen our earwax. One of the highlightas of Bloodstock is also checking out the new blood. We always come back with a couple of new favourite bands from the Hobgoblin and Jagermeister stages.

We’re shining the CB Spotlight on some New Blood bands this week and we’ll start with A Ritual Spirit…

Band Name : A Ritual Spirit

Home Town : Edinburgh

Year Formed : 2009

Current Lineup :
Oli Bowker (Vocals / Guitar)
Steven Patterson (Guitar)
Martin Gray (Bass / Vocals)
Dave Cumming (Drums)

Brief History :
Formed from the ashes of a previous band A Ritual Spirit debuted in the Edinburgh live scene in early 2011 after self-recording a 4-track demo during 2010. A 3-track EP followed before attention turned to writing, recording and touring an album. Carnival Carnivorous was released in 2013 with debut single The Way I Died leading the way, followed by a video for 2nd single Visceral Decay, all via the band’s own label Disposable Noise Records. Subsequent UK tours and radio play followed, along with a headline slot at Wildfire Festival 2017. Focus has now returned to writing and the band are at present preparing releases for 2018/19.

A big congratulations from Cackblabbath to you on securing a slot at this year’s Bloodstock Festival. Has it sunk in yet?

Thank you. Yeah the final was over a month ago now so we’ve had time to let the dust settle and get used to the idea.

What can we expect from your set, why should people come and check you out?

This will be the biggest gig we’ve played to date in this band, we headlined a stage at Wildfire Festival up here in Scotland last year and we’ve toured the country several times but playing Bloodstock will be the culmination of many years hard work. We’re all really passionate about what we do and I think that shines through on and off stage. We’ll obviously be bringing our A-game to Catton Hall – gritty guitars, big riffs and melodic vocals.

Give us your best sales pitch…

You know all drummers have their own special drum face while playing? Yeah, you want to see ours.

Are you the party hard type of band, or will it be all serious and focused, well at least until after you’ve played?

We enjoy a drink or two now and then! We’ll be saving all that for the evenings though I imagine.

Who else are you looking forward to catching at Bloodstock (assuming you will be making a weekend of it)?

Yeah we’ll be around for the weekend – Gojira, Suicidal Tendencies, Onslaught, Devildriver and of course the mighty Judas Priest are high on our list of bands to see, we’re also looking forward to discovering some new bands and seeing the sets and catching up with several other bands we know and have shared stages with in the past.

Describe your music to those of us who have not yet had the pleasure of hearing your racket?

The bastard love-child of Jerry Cantrell and James Hetfield.

Right, tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about the band :

We were originally going to call ourselves Ritual Spirit but added the ‘A’ so it would abbreviate to ARS.

Who would be your fantasy tour-mates ?

Alice In Chains.

And what would be on the rider?

Have you seen any of Motorhead’s old riders? Something similar to that!



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