BOA 2018 Preview : Spotlight on Dawn of Anubis

Leicester has a habit of producing some of our favourite bands through the Metal 2 The Masses route and this year two bands made it through to Bloodstock from the final held at De Montford Hall. A sign that talent was once again plentiful in the Leicester division.

We’re shining the CB Spotlight on Dawn of Anubis today, who bagged themselves a spot on the Jager Stage.

Over to them…

Band Name : Dawn of Anubis

Home Town : Coalville, Leicestershire

Year Formed : 2015

Current Lineup :

Billy Chamberlain- Lead vocals

Tom Ion – Lead Guitar

Harold Billingham – Bass Guitar

Sam Rossell – Drums

Kyle Ahearne – Rhythm guitar

Brief History : Dawn of Anubis evolved out our other band TBTR which we started when we were 14 with just the 4 of us writing our own songs – As the years went on we became very successful playing covers up and down the country , gaining lucrative contracts with Big Holiday companies however it was becoming obvious that our own music didn’t fit that “world” and our musical tastes had changed drastically . We decided to split into 2 bands with the same members – one for covers and one for originals , since then we have jiggled the roles in the band around a bit due to university commitments for Harold and we have now settled on the current line-up by bringing in Billy’s cousin Kyle. This is the first year in our current guise playing the M2TM comp so we are very pleased to have made it so far.

A big congratulations from Cackblabbath to you on securing a slot at this year’s Bloodstock Festival. Has it sunk in yet?
Thanks, well it really hasn’t sunk in we thought there would be one spot given out to play BOA at our final in Leicester , so were totally blown away with being given a spot as well – it’s the stuff dreams are made of really !

What can we expect from your set, why should people come and check you out?
We try to give slightly modern commercial vibe to our really heavy sound and like to think we are a bit different from just being pigeon holed as one genre. We have kind of got what we think is our own unique blend which has a lot of vocals and harmonies – even in the scream lyrics which takes a few people by surprise! As we were a covers band we really honed the harmonies to a tee- and have even been asked if we use a track or harmony pedal in Dawn of Anubis-so we take that as a positive!!

Give us your best sales pitch…
Young ,vibrant and a surprisingly unforgettable heavy experience! (If you meet our lead singer Billy you won’t ever forget him!!)

Are you the party hard type of band, or will it be all serious and focused, well at least until after you’ve played?
We are a band of two halves- Two of us are very studious and serious and the other 3 well we try to pretend we don’t know what they are up to!!

Who else are you looking forward to catching at Bloodstock (assuming you will be making a weekend of it)?
We will definitely be there all weekend – we have some die hard metal fans in the band so as much as possible- however we all want to catch Mortishead and King Leviathon as we have had a huge amount of support and encouragement from those guys – plus they blew us away when we saw them – so can’t wait to catch their set at BOA.

Describe your music to those of us who have not yet had the pleasure of hearing your racket?
Our music is very heavy although not really guitar solo heavy – quite drum heavy though- it’s more of a nod to bands such as A day to Remember – we are very vocal based as I said before – Billy, Sam and Tom all share the vocals which we think is quite unique in this genre.

Right, tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about the band :
Where do we start! We have had such a roller coaster as mates in a ban, highs and lows, from playing a huge outside gig at a holiday park where due to imminent rain they put us inside, then the sun came out so we ended up playing to one little lad sat on the floor! There has been the usual rites of passage, under-age drinking and trashing the tour accommodation, a bit of girl-friend nicking ! Sending a naked happy birthday video to our manager!
The lows – writing and performing a song for our friends funeral only a couple of months after all going to download together and having the best of times any group of mates could have.

Who would be your fantasy tour-mates?
Well seeing as we are all very different –
For Billy – probably Whitechapel and Country vocal band Homefree!
Tom and Sam – probably any classic metal band
Kyle- maybe Architects
And the loose cannon in the band -Harold – probably Mozart!

And what would be on the rider?
Pizza with a side of Pizza!

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