BOA 2018 Preview : Spotlight on Pelugion

We made it back from Hellfest alive, so now we only have one thing left in life to look forward to… Bloodstock, obviously.

Shining the CB Spotlight on Pelugion today >>>

Band Name : Pelugion

Home Town : Coventry

Year Formed : 2013

Current Lineup :

Andy Sweeney bass & vocals

Brandon Balou drums

John Pittaway guitar

Brief History : 

In early 2015 we inked a management deal with UK based FATangel management and released a lyric video for the song ‘Serpents Mistress’. Our single ‘Bide My Time’  was produced, mixed and mastered at Woodworm studios by Mike Exeter who has worked with such legends as Black Sabbath, Dio and Judas Priest.

We gigged heavily through 2017 included a performance at the SOLD-OUT HRH Metal at the O2 Academy in Birmingham and we also performed our first acoustic show at Uprising at the iconic Demontfort Hall Leicester and toured with Lifer.

We’re now putting the finishing touches to their next EP scheduled for release August with a Video release penned in for June, this second as yet untitled EP will once again feature Production, mixing and Mastering from Mike Exeter on a selection of tracks.

A big congratulations from Cackblabbath to you on securing a slot at this year’s Bloodstock Festival. Has it sunk in yet?

Not yet! I think it won’t feel real until we are about to go on stage and our name is announced!

What can we expect from your set, why should people come and check you out?

Give us your best sales pitch…

We are young and hungry, love feeding off the crowd and giving something back. We don’t just play our music we perform and for bloodstock we plan to just enhance that emotion, shit will get real.

Are you the party hard type of band, or will it be all serious and focused, well at least until after you’ve played? 

We like to be chilled before we go on, obviously this is a very serious gig for us and we’ll be doing everything within our power not to fuck it up! There may be a couple of drinks before stage time but nothing more… after the set is over though, it’s fair to say ‘party hard’ will be an understatement.

Who else are you looking forward to catching at Bloodstock (assuming you will be making a weekend of it)? 

Absolutely making a weekend of it! Mr big – because Paul Gilbert is a god among men, as is Mr Sheehan. Judas Priest – will be so awesome to see such a classic band. Cannibal Corpse are seriously impressive musicians and we look forward to witnessing that… above all though I think it’s gotta be Gojira. They are a massive influence for all of us and an incredible band we’ve all been itching to see live.

Describe your music to those of us who have not yet had the pleasure of hearing your racket? 

In short, a modern sounding sabbath I guess , With doom elements , thrash influences and just straight up groove.

Right, tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about the band :

Sweeney had a sex change last year (That might not be true!)

Who would be your fantasy tour-mates? Metallica.

And what would be on the rider?

Shit loads of lettuce. Glazed donuts , alphabetical spaghetti and plenty of bin bags.


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