BOA 2018 Preview : Spotlight on Seven Hells

One month to go folks! Bloodstock is nearly within touching distance and all this great weather is making us thirsty…

Under the Cackblabbath Spotlight, we have Seven Hells:

Band Name : Seven Hells

Home Town : Leicester

Year Formed : 2016

Current Lineup :

Marc Cross – Vocals

Simon Crofts – Lead Guitar

Dan Nelson – Rhythm Guitar

Ollie Wellings – Bass

Kris Elliot – Drums

Brief History : Forming in late 2016 Seven Hells are a five piece metal band from Leicester, 2017 saw a lineup change with Marc Cross joining as vocalist and another lineup change in 2018 with Ollie Wellings joining as bassist. The band quickly made a name for themselves thanks to their high energy live shows and infectious songwriting. In May they played the main stage of the iconic De Montfort Hall and won the 2018 Leicester Metal To The Masses, their debut EP “Prologue” will be released on the 3rd August.

A big congratulations from Cackblabbath to you on securing a slot at this year’s Bloodstock Festival. Has it sunk in yet?

Thank you! It still feels a bit surreal that we are playing to be honest. Since the band formed we have had the goal of being a Bloodstock band and to achieve that goal after a short time of being together is definitely a great feeling and something we are all really proud of.

What can we expect from your set, why should people come and check you out?

We are a band that live for the live show and this is where we are at our best. Musically we work hard to be a super tight unit with songs that make people take notice and as natural performers we constantly engage with the crowd feeding off their energy from the first note played right up to the very last. Watching Seven Hells is definitely an experience and it’s an experience not to be missed!

Give us your best sales pitch

Ok best sales pitch incoming…..Vocals from the depths of hell to get you fired up, riffs with so much groove you’ll head bang yourself into a neck brace, melodic guitar solos that will have you screaming like a little girl and finally a drum and bass assault so brutal that it will leave the ground shaking beneath you.

Are you the party hard type of band, or will it be all serious and focused, well at least until after you’ve played?

What comes before Part B? Part Ayyyyyyyy! We definitely like to enjoy ourselves and have a good time but we know the importance of behaving professionally when we need to. Playing the Friday means we will have to be sensible on the Thursday night to ensure we are at our best for our performance……however after that we will be getting well acquainted with the bar staff and it will be Jaegar bombs all around. (I hear Thrax vocalist of 2017 Leicester M2TM winners Blood Oath will be buying)

Who else are you looking forward to catching at Bloodstock (assuming you will be making a weekend of it)?

Judas Priest, Gojira, At The Gates, Bleed From Within, Devil Driver, Obzidian….the list goes on, yet again Bloodstock have delivered another killer line up!

Describe your music to those of us who have not yet had the pleasure of hearing your racket?

The inspiration of a post-apocalyptic world drives the band to deliver a powerful groove, crushing riffs and a hardcore deliverance. With such a wide variety of influence in the band we have elements of multiple sub genres of metal and no two songs sound the same.

Right, tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about the band :

Where to begin, there’s so much to say….Marc having an “accident” on stage when he couldn’t go toilet, Simon convincing his girlfriend he needed his passport to pass through the welsh border for our gig in Wales, Ollies obsession with Sonic and Slim Shady haircuts, Kris and his secret talent of playing Saxophone and finally Dan the runner up of Junior Mr Australia 2003.

Who would be your fantasy tour-mates ?

Marc – Lamb of God, Jinjer, Bleeding Through

Simon – Avenged Sevenfold, Steve Vai, Muse, N Sync

Dan – Mozart, Bach, Handel

Ollie – Slipknot, Korn, Five Finger Death Punch

Kris – While She Sleeps, Slipknot, August Burns Red

And what would be on the rider?

Beer, Whiskey, Rum, Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, Hair Straighteners and a soundproof box to put Marc in

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